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Three little words

What are three words you dread the most while making love?

“Honey, I’m home.”

Submitted by Calamjo
Edited by Yisman

three wishes

a man decided to go out fishing. while he was fishing his pole started to yank hard. so the man started wheeling in as fast and hard as he could. he saw the fish and it was pretty big.he said to himself ooo i can take this one home for dinner. then the fish sayed… if u free me i will grant u 3 wishes…BUT!…on your wishes your neighbor will have twice as much. so the man sayed ok…i wish to have a huge beautiful house.BOOM! theres a huge beautiful house house. but he sees his neighbor with two huge beautiful houses…so the man gets kinda jealous but o well. so goes on to his next wish…i wish had a nice red ferrari ok BOOM! there it is but he sees his neighbor with 2 of them! now this guy is really mad and says i wish i wish i had 1 of my testicles removed. ok ..BOOM! then he hears a big scream comming from hi s neighbor i think u get y.

Three Blondes on an Island

There were three Blondes on a tiny Island. They all wanted to get off the Island but none of them knew how. So one day a genie came along and granted each one a wish.

The first one wished to become intelligent enough to get off the Island. So the genie turned her into a redhead and she swam off.

The next one said: “That’s cool, I want to get more intelligent than her. “The genie turned her into a Brunette and she built a boat and sailed off.

The third Blonde was really impressed and wanted to become even more intelligent. So the genie turned her into a man, who used the bridge.

Three Scientists

A Russian scientist an American scientist and a Polsish
scientist were eating lunch together, the russian scientist said
we are going to land on the moon, the American scientist says we
are going to send droids to mars, and the Polish scientist said
we are going to land on the Sun. The two other scientists say
thats impossible!! how are you gonna do that?

The polish scientist says” we got that figured out, were goin at

Three Men at the Hospital

Three men are waiting at the hospital for their wives to have
babies. After what seems an eternity, the nurse finally walks
into the waiting room and goes up to the first guy and says
“Congratulations sir, you’ve just had twins!”

“Wow, this is great!” he exclaims, “And, what a coincidence, I
work at Twin City Federal!”

A half hour later the nurse comes back into the waiting room,
approaches the second guy and says “Congratulations sir, you’ve
just had triplets!”

“Are you serious?!” he replies, “This is the greatest day of my
life! Gosh, what a coincidence, I work at 3M!”

At this moment the third guys says “That’s it, I’m outta here!”.

The second guy asks why.

Third guy says “I work at 7-11!”