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Man planning for the future

Q: How does a man show he’s planning for the future?
A: He buys two cases of beer instead of one.


1) You don’t have to leave the room to make an emergency crotch adjustment.
2) Wedding dress: $2,000; tuxedo rental: $75.
3) You don’t care if someone’s talking about you behind you back.
4) With 400 million sperm per shot, you could double the Earth’s population in
15 tries, at least in theory.
5) You don’t mooch off others’ desserts.
6) If you retain water, it’s in a canteen.
7) The remote control is yours and yours alone.
8) People never glance at your chest when you’re talking to them.
9) ESPN’s Sports Center.
10) You can drop by to see a friend without having to bring a little gift.

If your wife comes out of the kitchen to whine…

If your wife comes out of the kitchen to whine at you, what
have you usually done wrong?

Made her chain too long.

4th Husband

A woman announces to her friend that she is getting married for the fourth time.

“How wonderful! But I hope you don’t mind me asking what happened to your first husband?”

“He ate poisonous mushrooms and died.”

“Oh, how tragic! What about your second husband?”

“He ate poisonous mushrooms, too, and died.”

“Oh, how terrible! I’m almost afraid to ask you about your third husband.”

“He died of a broken neck.”

“A broken neck?”

“He wouldn’t eat the mushrooms.”

Little by Little

A wife comes home unexpectedly one day and finds her husband in bed with a lady midget. Upset and furious over his actions, the woman screams, “You promised me two weeks ago that you would never cheat on me again!” Trying his best to calm her down, the husband turns to his wife and says, “Take it easy Dear, Can’t you see I’m trying to taper off?”