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Close Encounter

One day in a little town in the desert, a UFO landed and a green
man came out and walked towards the town bar. As he entered the
bar he approached the sherif who happened to be reading the
paper. The alien stood behind him, looked over his shoulder and
started to tap him on the shoulder. After a couple of minutes of
doing that, the sherrif got mad and threw the paper on the
ground and said, “Here, you wanna read it, go ahead.” The alien
pulls his dick out and starts to run it over the lines. The
sherrif was very surrprised and asked, “If this is how you read
then how do you have sex?” In response, the alien approached him
and started tapping his shoulder.

10 Times More to Husband

A lady has an ugly divorce with her husband. One day she finds a
lamp. She rubs it and a genie appears.

The genie told her, “I will make 3 of your wishes come true…
BUT, the wish you ask for will be done 10 times more to your

The lady though for a second and says, “Ok, I want to be the
richest lady ever. I want to be the prettiest lady ever. And I
want a little-bitsy heart attack….”


What did the Martians ask for when they came to earth?

A marshmallow


I made myself a snowball
as perfect as could be,
I thought i’d keep it as a pet
and let it sleep with me.
I made it some pajamas
and a pillow for its head,
but one night it ran away
but first it wet the BED!

UFO’s landing site

Q: Why do UFO’s land in remote areas?

A: Ask yourself! If you had to travel LIGHT YEARS to get to Earth and had
to take a piss. Would YOU land in a populated city and whip out your SPACE
GUN in front of everyone!!!!!!