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Clinton’s Nicknames Around the World

Clinton’s nickname in the U.S. is “Slick Willy”. As it turns
out, they have names for him all over the world. For example:

Japan – “Throbzilla”
Poland – “Go-inski Lewinski”
Denmark – “Gropen-hagen”
Afghanistan – “Afghani-Stain”
China – “Mao Tse Tongue”
France – “Bone Appetit”
Italy – “The Rodfather”
Nepal – “Him-A-Lay-Her”
Zaire – “Ubangi Anything That Moves”

osama binladen

Letter to Taliban;
Surrender Osama Bin Laden or we we’ll send your women to
The United States

Yellow Writing in the Snow

One winter day the president is horrified to see “CLINTON SUCKS”
written in yellow in the snow outside the White House. He
demands an immediate lab test and a handwriting analysis. Just
hours later, an aid comes to him. “There’s good news, Sir, and
there’s bad news. The good news is that the lab test is back and
we know whose urine was in the snow…Quayle’s. The bad news is
that the handwritng analysis is also in…Hillary’s.

Osama turns him self in

Osama Bin Laden Calls George Bush and Says,

Osama:I’ve got good news and bad news

Bush:Whats the good news?

Osama:I’m Turning myself in!

Bush:and whats the bad news?

Osama:I’m going in an airplane

The Presidential Version of the TITANIC

Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton were on
a ship that hit a iceberg.
Ford screamed, “What should we do?”
Reagan said, “Ask Nancy.”
Bush screamed, “Man the lifeboats,”
Carter said, “Women and children first!”
Nixon said, “Screw the women and children.”
Clinton asked, “Do you think we have the time?”