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Arab StarTrek

An arab calls the startrek producer and asks why aren’t there
any arab’s on the show? Because its in the future.

Parachuting with a muslim

A man goes parachuting with a muslim. The muslim tells him that
he should jump out the plane count to 10 and then pull the
ripcord. The man asks him what he should do if his parachute
doesn’t open. The muslim tells him to pray to Allah. So he jumps
out the plane , counts to 10 and pulls his ripcord.
The parachute doesn’t open so he says “Oh Allah plese save me”
and this big black hand comes out of the sky , picks him up and
puts him the ground.
Once he is on the ground the man says “Thank God for that”. This
big black foot comes out of the sky and goes squish.

kinda terrorism

Whats the difference between Pakistan and a Pancake?

how many pancakes do u know that got nuked by india