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Statistical one-liner

The Lipton Company is big on statistics–especially t-tests.

Log negative one zero

Theorem: log(-1) = 0Proof:a. log[(-1)^2] = 2 * log(-1)On the other hand:b. log[(-1)^2] = log(1) = 0Combining a) and b) gives:2* log(-1) = 0Divide both sides by 2:log(-1) = 0

Proof E equal to one

Theorem: e=1Proof:2*e = f2^(2*pi*i)e^(2*pi*i) = f^(2*pi*i)e^(2*pi*i) = 1Therefore:2^(2*pi*i) = f^(2*pi*i)2=fThus:e=1

Statistical one-liner

Old statisticians never die, they just undergo a transformation.

Mathematical baby formula

Add a bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and multiply.