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New comers

Two women from england moved to America. They decided that since it was a traditional American food they would try there first hot dog.They were talking about how mean it was to kill a helpless dog for food. So they went to a hot dog stand and bought the hot dogs. They found a park bench to sit on and eat there dogs. The first one opens hers and turns bright pink…

and says…..

“what part did you get?”

Gold joke

Five men were selecter for a survey. They were taken away to a hotel called the goldings. There they found the place covered top to bottom in golden fittnigs and furnishings, the doors were gold , the floor was gold , the roof was gold , the stairs were gold .Every thing in the lobby was gold.

They were shown to there rooms by a maid , she had golden hair , golden dress , golden tights , golden shoes , golden piney and a golden hat. She shown each man in to his room.

The rooms were decorated in yet more gold. Golden beds , golden pillows , golden windows, golden toothbrushes , golden chocolates, golden soap, golden bathrobes, golden pictures .

They woke up that morning to have a bath in a golden bath with golden taps , golden mirrors , golden tiles and a golden toilet.

They were led to the golden diningroom via the golden staircase. The dining room was exquist. Golden walls , golden chairs, golden table goldrn knives and falks , golden spoons and a golden table cloth.

Theh golden maids came in and asked if they would like cerial or poridge for breakfast , while the men talked about how plush the place was.

The first man asked for poridge , as did the second third and forth , the fith asked for cerial.

and ladies and gentialmen this proves that 4 in 5 men prefur poridge!

Food one-liner

Overweight is something that just sort of snacks up on you.

Ice cream flavor galore

A January 1994 Reuters News Service story on Manuel Oliveira’s ice cream shop in Merida, Venezuela, reported on his 567 flavors, including onion, chili, beer, eggplant, smoked trout, spaghetti parmesan, chicken with rice, and spinach. He said some flavors fail; he once abandoned avocado ice cream, and tossed out 99 pounds of it, because it wasn’t smooth enough.

Strage Eating Habits

A mother complained to her doctor about her daughter’s
strange eating habits.

“All day long she lies in bed and eats yeast and car wax.

What will happen to her, doctor?,” the mother inquired.

“Eventually,” said the doctor, “she will rise and shine!”