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Two indians were being chased by buffalo. One indian puts his ear to the
ground and says, “Buffalo come!”

The other indian said, “How do you know?”

The indian replied, “Ear sticky!”

What is the differnce

what is the difference between a crack seller and a whore????

a crack seller sells crack and uses it all up
but a whore whashes her crack and sells it angin!!!!!!!!

What Are You In The Bathroom

If you Americna in the livng roo what are you in the Bathroom?………………………

Buying the Farm…

A city slicker wanted to buy a farm. He found just what he was looking for. During an inspection of the property, however, he found a hive of bees.

He told the owner that he was deathly afraid of bees, and there was no way he could consider this piece of land.

The landowner assured him that the bees were completely harmless, but the buyer would have no part of it.

Finally, the landowner made an offer. The buyer would allow himself to be tied to a tree for an hour, nude, under the nest. So sure of the friendliness of his bees was the farmer that if ONE bee were to sting him, the farm would be his for free. The buyer thought it over and decided it was worth the risk.

An hour later, the farmer walked out to the tree and saw the poor guy slumped over in his bindings. Fearing the worst, he ran up to him and asked if he had been stung.

The city fella looked up and weakly said, “No… the bees never touched me – but doesn’t that calf have a mother!?!”


two guys in a bar talking when one says “im really unhappy about being bald” the other says “why dont you have a transplant” he replies “dont be stupid id look even worse with a liver on my head”