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Three wishes

One day there was this guy who was walking down his back
alley when he tripped over something, he looked back and it
turned out to be a magic lamp. So he picked up the lamp and
started cleaning it, when a Genie came out. The genie said, “I
will grant you three wishes.” So the man said,”Ok, I wish I had
all the money in the world.” so his wish came true. Then he
wished that he can have all the pretty woman in the world, that
wish also came true. Then he said,” I wish I can be hung like a
black guy.” So one day he was in his house enjoying his
beautiful woman an his money, when the doorbell rang and he went
to answer it. Surprisingly here were two guys dressed like the
KKK, so they took him outside and hung him from a tree.


what do u call a good looking paki
as if

Hershey’s Kisses

Last Holloween, a black girl and her brother wanted to go trick
or treating. The boy went as Superman and she went as Princess
Di. Their parents took one look at them and said, “Have you ever
seen a black Superman or a black Princess Di?”

So, they went back to their room to change. When they came back
out, the boy was wearing a blue shirt and a diaper like Tommy
Pickles (a cartoon), and the girl was wearing a blonde wig and a
white dress (Marylynn Monroe). Again the parents yelled at them.

The last time they came downstair they were naked. The parents
were speechless. The girl said, “We’re Hershey’s Kisses! Im
plain, he got nuts!”

Zebra’s Color

One day a zebra went a lion, the king of the jungled, and asked,
“Am I black with white stripes or white with black stipes.” The
lion replied, “I don’t know. Go ask God.”

So the zebra went to ask God. God said, “You are what you are.”

The zebra went back and told the lion what god said. The lion
said, “You must be white with black stripes.” “Why”, asked the
zebra. The lion replied, “Because if you were black with white
stripes God would of said ‘you is what you is.'”

Crash n’ Burn

One day a Black guy that was trying to steal a bank, dies in a
shootput with the cops. So when he goes up to heaven, he’s
waiting in line to tell St.Peter his name, so finally he gets up
there, and St. Peter asks him “Your name, kind sir,” and the
black guy says “Leonardo DiCaprio.” St.Peter confused says, “ok
hold on a sec.” And he goes to his office, picks up the phone
and calls God. When god picks up the phone, St.Peter says “God,
did the Titanic sink or burn?”