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Three Travellers

Three travellers, an American, a Russian and an African, were
all on a world tour in a hot air balloon. The Russian man puts
his hand over the side and feels into the clouds.

“Aaah!” he said, “We’re right over my homeland.”
“How can you tell?” asked the American.
“I can feel the cold air” he replied.

A few days later the African man put his hand over the side into
the clouds.
“Aaah, we’re right over my homeland” he said.
“How do you know that?” asked the Russian.
“I can feel the heat of the Desert.”

Several more days later the American put his hand over the side
into the clouds.
“Aaah, we’re right over New York.” The Russian and African were
“How did you know all of that?” They exclaimed.
The American pulled his hand in and held it up for them to see.
“My watch is missing.”


“Places I’d Rather Not Live In…”
Paradox, New York
Crapo, Maryland
Boogertown, North Carolina
Spasticville, Kansas
Hellhole, Idaho
Purgatory, Maine

What would Freud say about…

Climax, Michigan
Spread Eagle, Wisconsin
Needmore, Arkansas (Clinton’s Home Town?)
Hardup, Utah
Big Bogue Homo, Mississippi
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Hornytown, North Carolina
Conception Junction, Missouri

It doesn’t surprise me that there is a…

Rudeville, New Jersey
Boring, Oregon
Hell, Michigan
Hooker, California
Virgin, Utah
Dulls Corner, Maryland
Bowlegs, Oklahoma
Volcano, Hawaii
Beersville, Pennsylvania
Fleatown, Ohio
Burnt Corn, Alabama
Two Guns, Arizona
Toad Suck, Arkansas

Creation Of Canada

On the sixth day God turned to the Archangel Gabriel and said “today I am
going to create a land called Canada, it will be a land of outstanding
natural beauty, it shall have tall majestic mountains full of mountain
goats and eagles, beautifully sparkly lakes bountiful with carp and trout,
forests full of elk and moose, high cliffs overlooking sandy beaches with
an abundance of sea life, rivers stocked with salmon” God continued “I
shall make the land rich in oil so to make the inhabitants prosper, I
shall call these inhabitants Canadians, they shall be known as the most
friendly people on the earth” “But Lord” asked Gabriel “don’t you think
you are being too generous to these Canadians?” “Not really” replied God
“just wait and see the neighbors I am going to give them.”

Whos driving?

There was an American and a british guy in a car whos driving?



There is a tharapy calss for men who stutter. The teacher is a
very beautiful young woman. So the calss is for 1 year only, and
by the time that year is up, the three men who are in the class
will no longer stutter. Well, about 11 months went by and the
men were not stuttering as much. So in the 12th month, the woman
says,”well, this whole thing is almost over and you still
stutter. I know how i can get you to stop. I will ask you where
you’re from, and if you can tell me the city without stuttering,
i will have mad sex with you.”
The next class the woman asks the first man,”what city were you
born in?” The man says,” Nnnnnnew Yyyyyorrk.”
She asks the second man,”what city do you live in now?”
The man replies,”Pppppittsbbbburg.”
She asks the third man, “Where do you live now?”
The third man says,”Miami…”
They then make mad love for hours.
After they’re done, the man says,”Bbbbeach.”